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August 10th by Donna Summer

Sorrrry, yesterday, I know, no mp3’s. And this is a music blog of some sort, although I’ve been getting a bit more, um, broad lately. So today I’m here to make it up to you. I’m not just gonna give you an mp3- I’m gonna give you A WHOLE LABEL’S WORTH OF MP3’s! (well, sorta)

UK “breakstep” label Rag And Bone has up almost their entire back catalog or releases as mp3!! What’s Break-step? Well, I consider it to be like Dubstep that actually kicks in. It’s sort of like the gray area between Dubstep, Drum and Bass, and Rave - all the fucking good stuff! Not too fast, def not too slow, all killer. They do a fucking ace job over there, so go grab up the 20 or so Mp3 clips they have posted! Here’s a few favorites:


Blackmass Plastics - Freak House.mp3



But where are the satellite dishes?

August 9th by Donna Summer

The Plattenbau is a special thing here in Germany. Not only is it a symbol of a certain time in European history (the Cold War era / Berlin wall / a divided Germany) but I think it’s moreover a symbol of a specific time- the 70’s-80’s. I’ve always found it a bit strange that so so many German’s hold these largely gawky, ugly buildings in high esteem, but then I realized it’s something I do constantly too- romanticizing my youth.

So when I stumbled across the work of EVOL CT´INK on the Stars and Heroes blog, I knew I had to pass it along. Evol does this incredible thing making super-detailed spray paint pieces with multiple screens. 1 piece can have as many as 30 screens of shared gray and the results are almost photo-realistic. Here, he’s taken the electrical boxes dotting the urban Berlin landscape and turned them into Plattenbau’s. Brilliant. Let’s hope the cities anti-graffiti police don’t catch up to him…

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(bites fist)

August 8th by Donna Summer

I was born in the north of the US (Buffalo, NY) but raised in the southern US (Fort Mill, SC) and when I was a boy, I would have rather pulled out my own teeth than admit to being a “Sandlapper” (regional term for people from South Carolina). But as I got older I began to see the merits of the place, and by the end of College realized I fully loved being a southerner.  It’s a strange place, the American south, where the past used to be linked to the present not only in what seems like an older landscape than other places, but by the people themselves. Life was pretty slow down there for a long time, and people had a lot of odd tendencies, not necessarily shunned by the surrounding community.  It’s a region where hospitality and etiquette mix with racism; a place where there’s always some odd guy on the outskirts of town usually doing something creative and wonderful; a place baked by heat but alive because it too.  Of course the south even of my childhood has been bulldozed under in favor it empty suburban comforts (SUV culture) but the memories are still there.

So that makes it even more important to never forget one of the south’s most brilliant writers, Flannery O’Connor. She had a very short life and career, only publishing 2 novels and a hand-full of short stories and dieing at the age of 39; but boy, did they have an impact. She captured the slimy underbelly of a devout south in terms both picturesque and savage and did it with a sly, dark humor that makes you feel like a close friend.  If you never read any of her work, I highly, highly recommend it.

Accompanying this post is a track by Wade Nichols, a chopped and elaborated On The Road Again by Canned Heat. While it’s not really southern (Canned Heat - who are still around(!!) are from LA), you get that hot feeling, and well, it’s a hot day here in Berlin today, so yeah, close enough.

Wanda Road Again (Wade Nichols Edit).mp3 (direct link)

What happened in 1991?

August 7th by Donna Summer

The Prodigy - We Gonna Rock.mp3 (direct link)

The Prodigy - Everybody in the Place.mp3 (direct link)


August 6th by Donna Summer

Sometimes you need some motherfucking IRON MAIDEN! YEAH! As you’ll see if you peep down after the jump, I was/am a MASSIVE Iron Maiden fan! Yes, I’m older, and as a kid in the 80’s Iron Maiden literally drove me into a frenzy, and how the fuck could they not??? They had the best character of all time, incredible music, mind-blowing stage show (with spandex don’t forget), and album cover graphics you could spend hours looking at -and I did! Sometimes the Maiden mood will hit me, and boy did it today. If you, for some damn reason, never heard it, or weren’t born then, or lost it, or forgot about it, I upped the entire live album “Live After Death” for you. It’s so fucking quality! I mean, each song is great, but what really still gets me is the fucking crowd! That shit is THE MOST HYPEST EVER!!!! And don’t forget to waste your next 3 or 4 hours watching all the youtube videos below…

Iron Maiden - “Live After Death” (103mb .zip containing all 13 tracks)

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August 5th by Donna Summer

One look at the Birthday Party Crew and you can tell we’re down with our high fashion. A week ago I stumbled into a shop in Mitte and almost instantly was attacked by a sense of intelligent whimsy one rarely gets these days. It’s a shop called BLESS, and to be honest, the duo are designers of both the highest, and lowest order.  Basically they are slowly re-designing the world and in the process incorporate all the detritus into objects of pathetic, freakish beauty. They have rings with knit fingers socks attached, remote control cars saddled with potted plants and gold jewelry, a hammock holding an entire sofa, wallpaper made of tourist photos, a shirt casually tossed on a corner of a table isn’t a shirt at all, but a carved wooden box. whoa. The above piece is from a series of electrical cord jewelry and is a great example of the clever brutality they embody.

So when I was looking for music to accompany Bless, I found Backstreetboystotalrudeghettodancingclub (or ‘BSBTRGDCLUB’ as they are called) and I couldn’t be more delighted at the uncanniness of it. This track by the Montreal duo, “Fck Rp” is one of those totally off beat fidget tracks, with screwed hip-hop vocals which have that vulgar power that’s hard to fake.  The beats are so off it gets back to right again, which, yeah, is also pretty right, considering.

Backstreetboystotalrudeghettodancingclub - Fck Rp.mp3 (direct link)

Here’s some killer mixes

August 4th by Donna Summer

I’ve stumbled across some awesome Dj mixes lately, all pretty different, but all great for running too (haha inside joke).

First up are one of my favorite groups at the moment, Jokers Of The Scene. They did some Dj mix for a shop in NYC, and while that’s nice that a shop wants to spread good music, what we’re caring about here is the mix:

Keep Watch, Vol. One, featuring Jokers of the Scene.mp3 (refreshed link, works for me)

Then Birthday Party Berlin favorite Hostage is back to kill it one more time with his summer Dj mix. If you were there in June you know this guy is the fucking best, and well, he proves it again. He elaborates:

A bit different to my last mix - we start off some pretty dark and rollin gear, into some bangin’ jackin’ electro stuff moving into some modern rave.

Hostage - Summer 2008 mix.mp3 (track listing after the bump)

And last most certainly not least, here’s a killer club mix by Brooklyn’s AC Slater. He did this for some UK radio show, so you get some of that UK radio banter here and there, def funny.

AC Slater guest mix on Kiss 100 - May 1st, 2008.mp3 (track listing after the bump

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Kung Fu Grip

August 3rd by Donna Summer

When I was a boy I really LOVED my action figures. I remember each year or so they would have cool updates which were linked, of course, to evolving production technologies too. For example- My brothers 6 Million Dollar Man had a bionic eye, fabric clothes and of course, kung-fu grip. Where as my first GI-Joe was about 6 inches tall, had 1 generic gun and stiff thumbs. Then a year later they had softer plastic hands (less thumb amputations) and more accessories/guns/icepicks, walkie talkies, etc etc. It kept going this way until the Manga styled “art” toys hit the USA in, what I think was probably about 84-86, which was waaaay after I was playing with toys, but still casting a fond eye on them occasionally. Anyway, now you get toys that are super insanely detailed AND super insanely functional. There’s a brilliantly nerdily detailed Wiki on the evolution of one such boys doll, Action Man, here.

I bring all this up because Herve has a new moniker (what, his 20th maybe?) as Action Man and together with Jesse Rose, they turn out a sort of freaky minimal-fidget number that I’m def adding to my newest DJ mix (out in a few weeks maybe?). Anyway the track is out now on Made To Play, and I’m not sure what track I was supposed to blog or not, but we blog not for only for back pats but for educational purposes. Right

Jesse Rose and Action Man (aka Herve) - Take it to the Club.mp3 (direct link)

“Going Dumb”

August 2nd by Donna Summer

Yeah, you need this. I need this. The whole world needs more weird songs with weird rapping over super fucking weird Nintendo beats about fat girls naughty parts. PLUS it’s sort of got this Native American chorus.. WHAT? And some typewriter sounds… YEAH??!!

For the record this is a Hyphy track. Check this wiki about Hyphy. I’ve had a ton of people tell me that hyphy was the shit that I needed to be all about. Well, I checked it before, wasn’t so big on it (thought it was pretty weak), but I’m loving this more ravery/weird shit.  Check Keak Da Sneak’s myspace for more good tunes.

Keak Da Sneak, PSD, Mistah FAB - Show Me The Deer Foot.mp3 (direct link)

OH!!! This just in:


August 1st by Sly

what? you don’t know this one? man this is the new shit. forget about fidget house, wonk, it’s soooo last year. ok, seriously sometimes I feel like the categorization of what is actually just club music is getting ridiculous. I’m just waiting for the next name some trend setter is going to come up with :)

As today is probably the hottest day in Berlin, we need something different, like this awesome track from Love 666 on their brilliant “american revolution” LP on the mighty Amphetamine Reptile Records label . ok its old (1995) but what can I say? noise stoner rockers screaming mdma over distorded guitars, this is what I need today.

Love 666 - MDMA (zshare)


July 31st by Mr.Ouzo

Are Justice more fashionable than before after this creation for Dior’s catwalk? Did they recovered their artistic credibility? Or are mode activity the final hype chapter to achieve?

Dunno, but i actually really like what they did for Christian…

Follow the link for a live capture of it -> Gaspard, Xavier & Christian - Spring / Summer 09

As I actually really like to post unrelated thing, please check OBI BLANCHE (From our fav label NEW JUDAS) new mix. This guy got his really very own mode styling. He already surprised us last automn at the Festsaal Kreuzberg-Halloweeeeeen Birthdayparty, with a savage electro live act. Armed with small gear, his set was really mental. I was expecting a mix in the same direction. But dammned! The fact of living in berlin make his mood changed. Cause here it’s all about  deepness, sensitivity and of course dancing in summer! Give OBI BLANCHE the support he desserves.  Tracklisting in comment ->

OBI BLANCHE - August Mix

Birthday Party Berlin- The movie!

July 31st by Donna Summer

There it is! Yeeeeaaahhhh!!!

A mini documentary about our 1 Year Birthday Party Berlin Anniversary!

Lots of bits of the Crew gabbing about various goofyness, nice shots of the dance floor and some BPB fashion tips. It’s a lot of fun! Here’s the video in a larger size below. It works on iPhones, we tested it already… Spread it to your friends, pass it around…

BPB- 1 Year Anniversary (direct link 34.6mb)

Packin’ Hammer

July 31st by Donna Summer

I thought MC Hammer was pop, then christian, then went all gangsta rap, then christian again, then just did a lot of TV talk shows to show that he was ultimately a nice guy. So when did he go booty? I dunno, somebody emailed me that, and it’s an uncomfortable mix of super funny and really painfully crap. I do remember from his later TV talk-show days he went on and on about everyone who came to his house asked him for money, or that they ultimately wanted- and received- a handout of some sort; hence that’s where all that Adams Family money went. So I think that video is basically just like a semi-abnormal Tuesday at MC Hammer mansion…

Forex trade assumes purchasing or selling the currencies.

Clipse presents Re-Up Gang have a new album out called “the Saga Continues”, and while I’m not down with every track, it’s got some super crazy great shit on it. But yeah, I know if you met these dudes at a cook-out they’d be totally nice regular guys, but man, these lyrics are super fucking hardcore. Love it. Lots of great production here, and I love their minimalist style backing tracks. Polaroid from Gorilla vs Bear, and there’s another track there too.

Re-Up Gang - Re-up (intro).mp3 (direct link)

shit yes, we need more

July 29th by Donna Summer

So there’s a new Tricky album out. It’s produced by Switch and I’d say it sounds good overall. Not really making me freak out, but yeah, no probs. But then I got this remix by Drums of Death in the email and WHOLE-E-SHIT! WHOA! this is like super dance floor prog-house! It’s bassliney in parts, and then has tempo changes and whoa, everything you can imagine really. Wow. This is the sort of next-gen shit I’ve been waiting for. Whoa.

“Council Estate” (Drums of Death Remix).mp3 (direct link)


July 28th by Donna Summer


Whoa, what a great time (again!!) Extra thanks go out to everyone who came, danced, got sweaty and just had a lovely time! Big thanks to Kid 606, Jesus Catani, and Mr. Dje!!

Pictures from photopunk ASAP and the highly anticipated Birthday Party Berlin 1-year Documentary is in production NOW! We’ll get it up here for you SOOOON!!!



July 28th by Mr.Ouzo

This video doesn’t relate in anything with the parisian label Rolax. Or maybe that guy Lemi, played by Isaac de Bankolé in this 86 film called Black Mic Mac, could be what Rolax is in the french electro landscape. A good guy in a world of appearance. It’s not about the Weston, it’s all about the beat!

First mix is from Komori and is kinda danci.

KOMORI - k whores from planet beat

The second one is from dj Seep and is more “beat-freaking electro crunk and lazer-bass battle dubz” as he defines it himself!

DJ SEEP - black hole son

Both are great! And Rolax already released plenty of good music - DIG IT! Tracklists in comment!

(yes, it’s tonight)

July 26th by Donna Summer

That lizard is standing up on it’s own!

July 25th by Donna Summer

There’s a new mix for the Lower End Spasm podcast, presented lovingly by Venom & Damage.
This is full of the UK duo’s original productions sandwiched between exclusives and other big vocal tunes from the bassline house, heavy bass and ghettotech scenes. My man Bok Bok sent this over to me, and as he’s one of the Bassline insiders, what he says goes. Track list after the bump.

Venom & Damage present FRENZY mixtape.mp3

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Can you hear me?

July 23rd by Sly

In case you didn’t hear yet, this saturday we celebrate OUR 1st ANNIVERSARY (really, for real, I assure you we spoke about that before) with Kid 606, Party Catani, Mr Djé / Spankbass and the amazing birthday party crew (yes, that’s us).
not only it’s our anniversary (yes, really, we told you that) but guess what?
it is Kid 606’s real birthday as well! YES! for real too!

To give you a little taste of what’s coming this saturday my man sent me over a bunch of tracks, so I have the pleasure to offer you an EXCLUSIVE NEVER RELEASED remix he did for Dolby Anol and “Manyina Dendatta” which has just been out at the begining of the month on Bonus round Records - a track that brings the worlds of proper techno and niche/4×4 closer than ever.
Life’s awesome, innit?

Kid 606 - Manyina Dendatta (direct link)

Dolby Anol - Heather I’m driving you crazy - Kid 606 rmx (direct link)

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