shit yes, we need more

July 29th 2008 by Donna Summer

So there’s a new Tricky album out. It’s produced by Switch and I’d say it sounds good overall. Not really making me freak out, but yeah, no probs. But then I got this remix by Drums of Death in the email and WHOLE-E-SHIT! WHOA! this is like super dance floor prog-house! It’s bassliney in parts, and then has tempo changes and whoa, everything you can imagine really. Wow. This is the sort of next-gen shit I’ve been waiting for. Whoa.

“Council Estate” (Drums of Death Remix).mp3 (direct link)

2 Responses to “shit yes, we need more”

  1. foot village

    this is my favorite track you have ever posted.

  2. Donna Summer

    I’d liek to make a comment on that photo- I just realized that he ACTUALLY HAS A KITCHEN SINK INSTALLED IN FRONT OF THE GONG AT THE BOTTOM… That is fucking CRAZY!

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