Clipse presents Re-Up Gang have a new album out called “the Saga Continues”, and while I’m not down with every track, it’s got some super crazy great shit on it. But yeah, I know if you met these dudes at a cook-out they’d be totally nice regular guys, but man, these lyrics are super fucking hardcore. Love it. Lots of great production here, and I love their minimalist style backing tracks. Polaroid from Gorilla vs Bear, and there’s another track there too.

Re-Up Gang - Re-up (intro).mp3 (direct link)

One Response to “Seriously, they are not coming to my Mom’s house”

  1. Jeremiah

    Clipse are so needed from all of the bubble gum rap. Maybe the cocaine flows are over done but it makes you want to buy some coke and see if you can come up with a better story ( if you’re brave enough to go to jail ). The Clipse are just plain out talented.

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