Birthday Party Berlin- The movie!

July 31st 2008 by Donna Summer

There it is! Yeeeeaaahhhh!!!

A mini documentary about our 1 Year Birthday Party Berlin Anniversary!

Lots of bits of the Crew gabbing about various goofyness, nice shots of the dance floor and some BPB fashion tips. It’s a lot of fun! Here’s the video in a larger size below. It works on iPhones, we tested it already… Spread it to your friends, pass it around…

BPB- 1 Year Anniversary (direct link 34.6mb)

3 Responses to “Birthday Party Berlin- The movie!”

  1. Mr.Ouzo

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! i was there, hmmm well, for the first time! Thanks DJDS!

  2. masta dje


  3. !!!JETSETRADIO!!!

    YEAAAAAH!I´m on it.I´m a Legend now!!!!

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