August 1st 2008 by Sly

what? you don’t know this one? man this is the new shit. forget about fidget house, wonk, it’s soooo last year. ok, seriously sometimes I feel like the categorization of what is actually just club music is getting ridiculous. I’m just waiting for the next name some trend setter is going to come up with :)

As today is probably the hottest day in Berlin, we need something different, like this awesome track from Love 666 on their brilliant “american revolution” LP on the mighty Amphetamine Reptile Records label . ok its old (1995) but what can I say? noise stoner rockers screaming mdma over distorded guitars, this is what I need today.

Love 666 - MDMA (zshare)

2 Responses to “MIDGET HOUSE”

  1. kolakind

    awesome! my favourite rockband ever. great. “preparation for combat isn’t just necessary, it’s everything” :o)

  2. Bob der Baumeister

    THANKS SLY FOR INVENTING THE “MIDGET HOUSE”! Minimal Fidget_ Bob is up for!

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