“Going Dumb”

August 2nd 2008 by Donna Summer

Yeah, you need this. I need this. The whole world needs more weird songs with weird rapping over super fucking weird Nintendo beats about fat girls naughty parts. PLUS it’s sort of got this Native American chorus.. WHAT? And some typewriter sounds… YEAH??!!

For the record this is a Hyphy track. Check this wiki about Hyphy. I’ve had a ton of people tell me that hyphy was the shit that I needed to be all about. Well, I checked it before, wasn’t so big on it (thought it was pretty weak), but I’m loving this more ravery/weird shit.  Check Keak Da Sneak’s myspace for more good tunes.

Keak Da Sneak, PSD, Mistah FAB - Show Me The Deer Foot.mp3 (direct link)

OH!!! This just in:

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