Kung Fu Grip

August 3rd 2008 by Donna Summer

When I was a boy I really LOVED my action figures. I remember each year or so they would have cool updates which were linked, of course, to evolving production technologies too. For example- My brothers 6 Million Dollar Man had a bionic eye, fabric clothes and of course, kung-fu grip. Where as my first GI-Joe was about 6 inches tall, had 1 generic gun and stiff thumbs. Then a year later they had softer plastic hands (less thumb amputations) and more accessories/guns/icepicks, walkie talkies, etc etc. It kept going this way until the Manga styled “art” toys hit the USA in, what I think was probably about 84-86, which was waaaay after I was playing with toys, but still casting a fond eye on them occasionally. Anyway, now you get toys that are super insanely detailed AND super insanely functional. There’s a brilliantly nerdily detailed Wiki on the evolution of one such boys doll, Action Man, here.

I bring all this up because Herve has a new moniker (what, his 20th maybe?) as Action Man and together with Jesse Rose, they turn out a sort of freaky minimal-fidget number that I’m def adding to my newest DJ mix (out in a few weeks maybe?). Anyway the track is out now on Made To Play, and I’m not sure what track I was supposed to blog or not, but we blog not for only for back pats but for educational purposes. Right


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  1. Cat

    Dig it. Rose and Herve strike again

  2. Steven

    Very nice. You can hear it on he’s essential mix as well (with Sinden). F been looking for this track for quite some time now thanx. Maybe you could look up “alarm bell” from action man as well? It Bangs!!!

  3. park ranger


  4. Oli D.A.B

    You Knows it Mr Ranger!!! Midget House is the way forward! get on to the new Mowgli EP on Southern Fried, And some massive tunes on the way from the mighty Solo i’ve heard.

    Can’t get enough of their Elite Force remix……Its Big Big Big!

  5. Bob der Baumeister


  6. EM//E

    I’ll play that shit the next 22-08 at La Scala/Berlin.

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