August 5th 2008 by Donna Summer

One look at the Birthday Party Crew and you can tell we’re down with our high fashion. A week ago I stumbled into a shop in Mitte and almost instantly was attacked by a sense of intelligent whimsy one rarely gets these days. It’s a shop called BLESS, and to be honest, the duo are designers of both the highest, and lowest order.  Basically they are slowly re-designing the world and in the process incorporate all the detritus into objects of pathetic, freakish beauty. They have rings with knit fingers socks attached, remote control cars saddled with potted plants and gold jewelry, a hammock holding an entire sofa, wallpaper made of tourist photos, a shirt casually tossed on a corner of a table isn’t a shirt at all, but a carved wooden box. whoa. The above piece is from a series of electrical cord jewelry and is a great example of the clever brutality they embody.

So when I was looking for music to accompany Bless, I found Backstreetboystotalrudeghettodancingclub (or ‘BSBTRGDCLUB’ as they are called) and I couldn’t be more delighted at the uncanniness of it. This track by the Montreal duo, “Fck Rp” is one of those totally off beat fidget tracks, with screwed hip-hop vocals which have that vulgar power that’s hard to fake.  The beats are so off it gets back to right again, which, yeah, is also pretty right, considering.

Backstreetboystotalrudeghettodancingclub - Fck Rp.mp3 (direct link)

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