But where are the satellite dishes?

August 9th 2008 by Donna Summer

The Plattenbau is a special thing here in Germany. Not only is it a symbol of a certain time in European history (the Cold War era / Berlin wall / a divided Germany) but I think it’s moreover a symbol of a specific time- the 70’s-80’s. I’ve always found it a bit strange that so so many German’s hold these largely gawky, ugly buildings in high esteem, but then I realized it’s something I do constantly too- romanticizing my youth.

So when I stumbled across the work of EVOL CT´INK on the Stars and Heroes blog, I knew I had to pass it along. Evol does this incredible thing making super-detailed spray paint pieces with multiple screens. 1 piece can have as many as 30 screens of shared gray and the results are almost photo-realistic. Here, he’s taken the electrical boxes dotting the urban Berlin landscape and turned them into Plattenbau’s. Brilliant. Let’s hope the cities anti-graffiti police don’t catch up to him…

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