The Crew!!!

This night has been put together by the Birthday Party Crew, a bunch of Berlin music addicts, who launched their Birthday Party event-series in early 2007 as an initiative to put the fun back into clubbing.

What is a Birthday Party? A Birthday Party is when you get all your friends together in a sweaty room and dance to loud music and scream and shout and throw confetti and act as badly as possible. A Birthday Party is usually in a really dirty club and it is always more fun than going to a nice club. It’s cheap and sleazy. A Birthday Party is like that part in your favorite 80’s song you sing at karaoke mixed with that moment when you went to your first rave. A Birthday Party is just a bit of fun trash that keeps you alive. The Birthday Party happens in Berlin once a month at various locations and it’s free or very cheap and people usually bring their friends because it’s more fun that way. We usually play a wide range of extatic up-beat party-jamz, from blog-electro to old-school rave, to Baltimore house, to techno to hip-hop to mashup-rock jamz. It just has to be fun and it has to keep the party hype!

Past Birthday Parties included guest appearances by Party Catani, Tim Exile, Kim Hiørthøy, About, Magnum 38, Eats Tapes, Les Gillettes, Moulinex, Curses!, Huoratron, Obi Blanche, Dj Maxximus, Transformer di Roboter, Toxic Lipstick and Poingi.

We are: Lil’ Jean, Marius Reisser, Mr Ouzo & Uncle T of the Beatproviders, Sly, Jane, and Dj Donna Summer.

Our parties are usually free (or at least cheap), move to various locations around Berlin and pretty much fucking awesome!!
Check the links to the pictures, they are great, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring your friends to the party!!!!

More people = More Party!!!

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