Birthday Party Berlin Dj Mix #1

Birthday Party Berlin — Mix #1
by Dj Donna Summer

YOOO!!!!! This is the first in a series of Dj mixes made by the Birthday Party Berlin Crew! We hope to post up new mixes regularly by all of our members, so they should be quite diverse and all super fun! This mix was made by our man DJ Donna Summer, it’s a rippin mix of Blog-p3, B’more, and some trash! HA! Definitely a party stomper! Just go to your basement, play this mix REALLY LOUD, and throw a bunch of confetti around, and you got yourself a Birthday Party to go!

Comes as a .zip file with: 43 minute mix, printable Mp3 cover, blog image, track listing text

Bday Party Berlin Djmix #1 - Dj Donna Direct link! 59.8mb

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