Past Birthday Parties

Ok, here’s where we have the quick low-down on how awesome the past parties were:

And we’re not done yet!:

Feb 2nd - @ CTM, Maria! WOW! MASSIVE!!!!!!

Feb 15th - Hamburg!!! The Golden Pudel! (Bday Party on the road!!!!)

March 1st - West Germany

April 5th - Rootz - Den Haag - NL (Bday Party on the road again!!!!) - DJDS real BD!

April 19th - Villa - Berlin - the smallest BDPARTY ever! But sure the craziest! - Mister OUZO turn 30!

April 25th - NBI - Berlin - Turn your glowsticks on!

Mai 8th - Lyon - FR - (Bday Party festival Mode!!!!) - Nuit Sonores Festival

And more to come!

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